The fact that you're still trying
when others would've given up by now
It's the mark of a champion, you're doing it
Keep at it, but first - take a bow!

Written by eve poetry / Deanna Ralls Ramirez


Light splays across a wet canvas
reflecting more clearly than a mirror
Detail of my past flume trails
of refracted imagery as I walk nearer

Lumen in paramount fill the cavity
of this cave that I roam
A dream within a distant dream
of my fluorescent catacomb

©Written by eve poetry/Deanna Ralls Ramirez


If I could paint you a color
I'd paint you the rainbow
Then I'd mix it all up
to make infinitely more colors
I would need to start there
and use up every one
each splendid color
to paint the masterpiece
that is you

Written by: eve poetry/Deanna Ralls Ramirez


Summer Haze

A dusky sky
in late July
Large raindrops
splash off
hot rooftops
Warm puddles splosh
beneath our floppy feet
Temporary relief
drives up the street
Icy treat, cold and sweet
Watermelon slushies
from Richie's truck
Just my luck
Ma drops coins
from the third-floor window
Running to and fro
scrape a knee and elbow
for a few wet coins
Kids meet at the curb
to sit, slurp and eat
Then play until the
sun retreats
and we greet the moon
Falling fast asleep
to leap
and do it all again

by Deanna Ramirez
eve poetry
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