Every Time I Pluck a Rose

By Saud Ahmed

Every time I pluck a rose
And thorns don't hurt me
Every time I jump over the fire
And the ends of my cloth
Don't catch the embers
Every time I hurt you
And I get away with it
I see a part of myself
Running away from me
A part that forbids me
To violate, but I do
And what is left is pretentious
What is left is not me
It's a part that my real self
Left behind.

The Poet

Saud Ahmed

My name is Saud Ahmed, I am from Pakistan. Poetry has always been my passion. What we can’t say, we can write. I always find a way out of the walls with the help of pen, it gives me strength. My Instagram handle is @sauds.poetry where I post whatever my mind can think of. As quoted by Atticus, ‘I write what I feel, not what I think I should feel’.

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