Dead Butterfly

By Elizabeth Barrera

Closer he comes to the flower
each time they meet.
He would caress her beautiful petals
with his dignitary love.

But the flower withered so suddenly
that she forgot to tell the butterfly
how beautiful his wings are,
how colorful her world is with him.

Each time a bud glows,
the butterfly's eyes would twinkle
but the day becomes gloomy
upon the hurtful realization.

Though he still went on with his life,
he could never really find
someone as precious as the flower,
someone who holds the dead butterfly's heart.
<strong>Elizabeth Barrera</strong>
Elizabeth Barrera

I am Elizabeth Barrera from the Philippines. I’ve been in love with writing since time immemorial, but I found my passion in poetry. I fell in love with the rhymes, imagery, metaphors, and all others. It is about speaking to your audience with fewer words but with deep meaning. Someday, I also wish to publish a book that could inspire people across the world.

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