Fairy tale ending

Fairy Tale Ending

By Nikki Thomas

There’s a certain beauty emitting from your skin,
It entices knights to fall to their knees,
Tangling them in the fakeness of your love,
But they can’t see the venom you spit,
How it burns their skin and poisons their minds,
Enabling you to trap them in your web,
So you can feed off their wholesome hearts,

And while they remain trapped,
Awaiting your admiration,

You lust after the ogre and his dark magic spell,
Believing his every word of romance,
Blinded to his wrong doings by counterfeit promises,
He bruises your heart,
Breaks your soul,
Telling other Princesses that their his Queen,

All the while Knight’s beg for your hand,

It's a shame you will never see,

Where your fairy tale ending was meant to be.
<strong>Nikki Thomas</strong>
Nikki Thomas

Nikki is a photographer and writer from England. Most of her time is spent with looking after her one year old son, sewing or writing. However, in her spare time Nikki plays for her local ladies rugby team. 

Nikki started writing poetry a few years ago in order to channel her emotions and deal with mental health and trauma. After her boyfriend found her journal and encouraged her that her writing was in fact good, Nikki started up an Instagram to share some of her pieces. With a new found confidence in her ability to write from the encouragement of her boyfriend and friends on Instagram Nikki is now in the process of writing her first collection of poems that she plans to publish in January 2020. 

Instagram: @net.writes
Twitter: @netwrites 

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