A Somber Day in Autumn

A Somber Day in Autumn

A Somber Day in Autumn by Donnie Hamel

Bold hues of orange surrealism
sprout dynamically from trees
against the backs of foothills
glowing with natures altruism.

Trickles rise from my feet,
the rolling water laying
sporadic sounds of light rain
across the top of a lazy creek.

I came to this place of peace,
looking for something I could not see.
Leverage against life’s tribulation,
some sort of cathartic release.
<strong>Donnie Hamel</strong>
Donnie Hamel

I’ve lived in Denver, Colorado for my entire life. Aside from writing, I like a lot of nerdy things like superheroes and World of Warcraft.  Fitness is another passion of mine. 

Writing for me is just a hobby, and I have nothing grandiose planned with my poetry. It’s always just been a way for me to express how I feel when life inevitably gets tough. Plus, I’ve always thought the way we speak to each other every day is a kind of art form. 

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