I Surrender to My Darker Self Illustration

I Surrender to My Darker Self

I Surrender to My Darker Self by Joe Volpe

I surrender to
my darker self—

he that purrs
at discontent—

I’ll let him loose
upon the world—

and marvel at
his cruel intent.

And if his acts
return to me—

Cast a pall
about my eyes—

I’ll scorn his truth,
deny his shame—

leave him the one
you crucify.
Joe Volpe
Joe Volpe

Joe Volpe lives outside Boston, Massachusetts with his wife. When not teaching middle school English/Language Arts he enjoys reading, playing guitar, and watching baseball.

He has been writing poetry for as long as he can remember, and he sees it as both a hobby and a means to reflect. You can find more of his poetry on Instragram by following @joespoemaday.

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