Brothers by Cody Bassett

Brothers by Cody Bassett

Brothers by Cody Bassett

Normally I
Go by
The alias of:
No one.
To 3 people at a pub
I was

The invincible,
Eternal superman.
I was a soldier with alcoholism
Sipping tea
Because I
Was stronger than what plagued me.
I was Cody.
I was the one who
Would outlive everyone
Else through
Sheer willpower.
To these 3 I was
A person.
Those days I curled up
And begged for Death
Seemed far away
Even though they
Were just yesterday.
I want to thank
The Marine and
The Airman
For supporting
This wounded

<strong>Cody Bassett</strong>
Cody Bassett

I am Cody Bassett born in Jacksonville Florida, moved to Houston when I was 16 and joined the army at 19 as a signal soldier.

I write because I love doing it, sometimes it’s planned and sometimes it’s spastic (like my thoughts are). For the most part, I do things depending on my mood. I play chess and read or watch movies in my spare time. I am looking to get a few books of poetry published in time, but I’m in no rush.

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