This Letter

This Letter by Marcus Taylor

This is a letter, to you and to me
Before we have a final kiss
I wrote words for you. My notebooks are in a stack
Read them in my voice. Read them with your heart
In your heartbreak, this poet will come back

This is a letter, to you and to me
Many things needed to be said out loud
But I let anger take over my words
I wish to take back nights our bed was split
And have mornings of love with the birds

This is a letter, to you and to me
Throw away the unopened mail
Keep my love. The materials will collect dust
Reminders of what we have are not in things
What I leave can be helpful to someone. This is just

This is a letter, to you and to me
I wrote all of these poems
To help me say I love you in a cool way
Sounds better when said in poetic form
Hold my love so this poet can come back to you one day

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor

Born and raised in Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia, Marcus Gregory Taylor, the one and only Brown-Eyed Soul Man, pours his soul into creativity. Marcus gives his voice and invites the audience to be his company.

With compassion for those who feel left out, Marcus writes and performs at churches, schools, venues, and events with an inspirational message.  
I have developed a new hobby which is engraving wooden and metal objects. I hope to make my own table one of these days. And I recently picked up photography as well.

I have a job at Ga Tech, by day. But writing and sharing my creativity is my work. I like to distinguish the two. I have self-published one book, “The Wait is Over”, and have a few chapbooks: Being Single is Cool, 14 Ways This Poet Says I Love You, and Seasons. I also have a podcast, Soul Fever, and two spoken word albums.
Instagram:  browneyedsoulman

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