With Words

With Words by Samantha Tumblin

Divine me with words of undying devotion,
mesmerizing lines of poetic commotion—
frenetically metric aesthetic emotion.
Romance me, perchance, shifting tides of my ocean,
to align with moonlight, subside the erosion
of my corroded heart, long hardened and broken.

Emboldened by love, clothed in tapestry’s woven
by the tales you have spun and the rhymes you have spoken,
I clamor, enamored by your grammar ambrosian.
It’s absurd how some words can just spurn an explosion!

Samantha Tumblin

Sam is a 30-something year old part human, part mythological creature.  Born, raised, and (mis)educated in Florida, she also lived in London, UK and Philadelphia, PA before moving to New England about 10 years ago.  While she would rather be living off the land and her writing, she works full-time as a therapist at a psychiatric hospital.  

Sam first started writing poetry at age 7.  She has gone through different periods in her life when she has written prolifically followed by lengthy periods of writer’s block.  After about 10 years of not writing anything beyond the occasional journal entry, she started writing again in June 2019 and has no intention of stopping.  She tends not to adhere to any particular poetry style but has a penchant for employing rhyme and alliteration as well as for using humor, satire, surrealism and absurdism in her writing.  She considers her poetry to be more conceptual rather than emotional.  She has yet to be published (until now).

Aside from writing, Sam also enjoys spending time with her husband and friends, hiking, kayaking and paddle boarding, weightlifting, attempting to make crafts, and educating herself about social justice issues.  You can find more of Sam’s writing on Instagram via @colourful_anomaly.

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