A Breathing Dream

A Breathing Dream by Nishal Aroskar

You are the dream
I searched for with closed eyes

in a fogged mind,
filtering out all the dreams
to uncover the depth
you cradled in,
focussing on your outline
as you slowly bloomed into
the colour of heaven
and unfolded into a
breathing constellation.
And now that I have
found you-
you are inked on my heart,
your soul tattooed over mine
and I could make love
to your shadow
even in the dark.

Nishal Aroskar

Hello there. My name is Nishal Aroskar and I hail from the beautiful land of Goa, India. My pen name is, however, ‘Word Mermaid’. I chose a different name while showcasing my poetries on my social account because I am a different being as a poet. 

Poetry to me is about discovering my strengths as a loner, noticing the ignored and celebrating it through words and an immense act of spirituality. I write not just to liberate myself but also my readers. I am a storyteller (fiction writer) too and bedtime stories have been my angels since my childhood.

My hobbies include reading and gardening and I’m a firm believer in the power of positivity and love. You can find me on Instagram (@wordmermaid) where I regularly post my work. I’ll be soon working upon my first book.

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