Lost Love

Lost Love

Lost Love by Natalia Imran

Even if we break apart
Remember, you’ll always be in my heart

Even if you call me a loser
Remember my love, I lost to you

Even if you say I’m broken
Remember, I broke my wall for you

Even if you say I’m the acid to your rain,
Remember, no love from you I gained

Even if you say I’m ugly,
Remember, once upon a time, this face, you loved

Even if you call me an old soul
Remember, old souls loved the most

Even if you said it hasn’t been your day, your week or your year
Remember, I was there for you

Even if you couldn’t see what I saw
Remember, I was your mirror and made you see what I saw

Natalia Imran

Hi, I’m Natalia from Pakistan. I have a few hobbies that I’m committed to and they are reading, writing and drawing. I am currently a student of arts.

Writing may not be my one focus but it’s not a hobby either, for me it’s a passion. I strive to have a book published one day and hope that it’d sell right off the shelves.

You can follow me on Instagram: @absolute_felicity

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