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Absence by Natasha Okwuchi

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
But not in my case
Absence only made my feelings fade

I remember some time ago
When the thought of you made me smile
But that hasn’t happened in a while

I let myself think that we could get closer
But now I think
Your absence is for the better

I’ll admit that I missed you
And a whole lot at that
But from this moment on, I just can’t

You were my favorite
And so was our friendship
But now I’m over it

<strong>Natasha Okwuchi</strong>
Natasha Okwuchi

I’m a 14-year-old (mixed race) citizen of Nigeria that. Apart from writing, enjoys reading and watching anime.¬†

Writing, for me, is fun yet serious. I really enjoy it and I’m hoping to complete a whole novel and get it published, kick-starting my future career.¬†

As of now, my Instagram account is the only serious showcase of my work, but it presently contains only poems.

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