Divine Nights

Divine Nights by Aafiya Siddiqui

Nights aren’t meant for the rants;
they are owned by silence,
serene and pristine.

Nights aren’t meant for conversations,
but for the whispers
coquettish, anxious and keen.

Nights aren’t meant for admirations,
but for reflections,
that are deep and unseen.

Nights aren’t meant for doleful skies, moaning over the lost moon,
but for the little stars that cover the sky with their sparkling sheen

Nights aren’t meant for the dreams
that take you into deep slumber,
but for profound thoughts
that trigger a new awakening.

Nights aren’t meant for the world,
which weighs you down with its evaluations;
but for our Lord who descends through skies for our elevation.

Nights are soulful and divine;
a celestial pleasure, resplendent with signs.

Aafiya Siddiqui

Aafiya is a girl from India. She had worked as a researcher and lecturer in the field of Applied Sciences.

She enjoys penning down her thoughts in her leisure time and endeavours to paint the canvas of life through its shades of black and white with her poetic expressions.

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