I Will Find You Again

I Will Find You Again

I Will Find You Again by Sayoshri Chowdhury

I will find you again

When the cold winter passes away
And the snow thaws;
And the spring brings new things
And the broken hearts are warmed
By the summer sun,
I will find you again.

Inside old books,
In the photo cards,
In the coffee shop,
And that queer park.

I will find you again and again
In the cosmos.
Maybe not today or tomorrow.
Not this year or the next.
But maybe in another lifetime,
I will find you again.

<strong>Sayoshri Chowdhury</strong>
Sayoshri Chowdhury

Sayoshri is 19 years old and from India. She likes anything that has coffee in it.  Sayoshri listens to songs and doodles in her free time. She believes that art is the only thing that can move people in ways no one can imagine.

“Writing is the only way for me to express myself. However, I still have a lot to improve and learn.”

You can follow her work on Instagarm: @oni_hime13

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