A Paradise I Tried to Paint

A Paradise I Tried to Paint by Fatima Momin

A Paradise I Tried to Paint

Across was I of the soft cold stream
Not realizing I was having a midnight’s dream
Smiling, I turned towards the other side in sound sleep
When there I spot winged unicorn’s leap
Now I know my hands are cold
As I fly on a white pony with a strong hold
The landing was in an elegant forest proudly showing its gold and silver bearings
Its reflection on my white royal gown was a perfect matching
Then when everything went suddenly blur, and I came back to reality
It was a paradise I tried to paint;
Not only a fairy tale.

From What You Didn’t Learn Before

It’s there in you
The monster guilt
Makes you fear that you may drown
I have an idea
Jump in the water
Tie that guilt around you as a floating support
Swim, swim and keep swimming
You’ll reach the shore one day with a new beam

Fatima Momin

I live in Mumbai. First time, writing was by chance for me, but then I discovered I could play good with words and I loved it so much and I couldn’t stop myself writing everything I felt or saw around. Also, I am working on my Masters in English literature and it drew me more towards poetry and fiction, classics and other literary forms.

I am a passionate reader too. Other than this, I take academics at home for children. I have no particular books published, but I have been selected several times in anthologies. Still, I am proud that I write boldly, passionately, and it gives me pleasure. This makes me a writer.

Follow her work on Instagram: @anonymous_and_forever

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