Lemonade Eventually, I Guess

Lemonade Eventually, I Guess, by Cortni Merritt

Lemonade eventually, I guess

Life gifted me many lemons, but
I didn’t know what to do
with them.

I don’t particularly like

I thought, “I’ll give them to some friends,”
and then had fewer, but the rest continue to hang
in the basket

<strong>Cortni Merritt</strong>
Cortni Merritt

Cortni Merritt is a mom and entrepreneur living in Orlando, FL. She earned her M.A. in English literature and has served as an editor, ghostwriter, and book coach for 100+ fiction and nonfiction authors.

Her poetry has been featured in Bear Creek Haiku, Ariel Chart, Halcyon Days, and Former People, and she self-published her first collection of haiku and accompanying artwork, Slices of Silence, in 2019.

Cortni posts poetry and details of her writer’s journey on Instagram: @cortni.m.dreams.

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