Forest, written by Catherine Fasoro

I paced myself through a forest of fire,
Where the woods served a purpose of

Hunger and thirst parades
my body. There is no nutrition to satisfy
this hunger. No stream to quench this
Thirst. The blazing fire of an insidious
forest surrounds me, I am waiting on it
to consume me.
Run! Run!

With a shy strength I ran towards the unknown,
However trembling by the hoarse roar
of flames chasing me.
Run! Run!

The muttering of my panicked soul
Alert me. I looked ahead, and all I saw
was pain and horror.
Every tree reminded
Me of fear and sorrow.

But I grew tired and
Weary. I fell on to my knees. Desperate to
catch a breath, yet all I inhaled was
Toxic fumes from the unforgiving flame.

I became confined to my knees.
Then a steady voice told me to look up at
the sky. As I raised my head towards the
vast atmosphere, the blessed rain poured from
the sky putting to death that insidious fire.
As that rain tapped my face, I felt whole again
I closed my eyes to immerse myself in its gentle touch.
When I opened them, I was at home.

Catherine Fasoro
Catherine Fasoro

My name is Catherine Fasoro. I am a 19-year-old university student studying English Literature and Creative Writing in the UK. I am originally from Nigeria and lived there for 8 years until I moved to the UK 11 years ago with my family. 

I started writing at 16 and writing came randomly to me. I was outside with a pen and paper and suddenly felt the urge to listen to what my soul was saying and translate this into writings in a paper. After this experience I became in love with poetry.

Since then, it has become a denomination of therapy for me. It is a way to express that part of myself that yearns to use art as a passage to come out. 

Writing is something I take seriously and hope to have a career in. I desire to become a published author with novels and poetry collections. I have the intentions of writing a book and have already mustered ideas about this novel and also a title. Writing to me is a gift that I want to use to bring about light in this world. Through writing, I want to make a change in the world, using it as a voice for many who resonate with what I write. 

Another love of mine is dance. Especially contemporary dance which I regard as an art, which to me is poetry which uses movements instead of words to express emotions. Overall, I am an INFP overloaded with many ideas and constantly trying to find meaning in life.

You can see her work on Instagram: @c.fpoet

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. For more information, see my disclosures here. 

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