Bloom, written by Haikal Sean


Bloom, written by Haikal Sean


Learn to leave things as they are.
In the unaltered, you will find beauty and authenticity.

If you pluck a flower, it dies and ceases to be what you love. Beauty is lost the moment you try to change it.

Know that when the flower is ready, it will bloom. People are no different.

Haikal Sean

My name is Haikal Sean. I’m from Singapore.
Aside from writing, I enjoy reading and mediating. I’ve always been interested in psychology and philosophy because it deals with the human condition.

My writings are very much centred on this theme. While I regard writing as a creative outlet, I also see it as a way to connect with others by talking about the things that matter to all of us.

I am currently publishing a book that will feature a collection of my writings. You can follow me on Instagram @haikalsean for all my works! :)

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