Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse, by Tanisha Bhatia

Lunar Eclipse

An aureate ink pot
lies beside my hot cup of tea,
I dip my quill
and form prints of
treacly melody,
he asks me if I’ve been up all night
I nod and give the letter,
the wind blew furiously and clouds enshrouded the moon in night sky,
I couldn’t find warmth
but my heart burnt like fire,
so I spent my time
musing all night,
but today will be different
because the moon has arrived,
my moon has arrived.

Tanisha Bhatia

I am a seventeen-year-old, a native of a country where spirituality meets science, India. Currently, I’m a senior studying in Jesus & Mary School, Shimla. My hobbies include sharing poetry, stories, art and music, entwined with ardour, over cups of hot drinks, and intermittently performing classical dance.

I write to express the thoughts otherwise frozen in a tapestry-like mind and connect with souls. I believe the human race in diversified forms is conducive for aesthetic pleasure, embracing each other’s psyche and heart.
You can find me here on Instagram: @_tanisha_bhatia_

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