Doused Flames

Doused Flames, by David Smith

Doused Flames

Your love set fire to my heart
and we danced within the flames
Our love was burnt away to ashes
but that fire will forever remain…

Your love doused out my fire
my tears fell down on the flames
The ashes of love we had
my future swept it away…

Upside Down Backwards

Upside Down Backwards, by David Smith

How can I fly so high
but at the same time feel so low…
I’m standing tall
but I always stumble then fall…
My door of emotion was opened to you
but that same door you walked out of…
That reign of love you served to me
but I didn’t deserve the teary downpour

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>David Smith
David Smith

Hello all! Firstly, my name is David Smith
I am a 34 year young male from sunny Liverpool in the U.K.

My main reason for my writing was at first an outlet for me to offload some weight on my shoulders. I began gradually writing more and quickly realised it helped me a lot to say what I needed to say put in ink form.

These words mean more to me because everything written or told is 100% me, bare, honest and real, there’s no specific genre to my writing/poetry. I see it more as every feeling we have had/felt… I write it.

When somebody comments of how it resonates with them on a personal level, I feel I’ve touched at least one person with my words and my story.

Feel free to follow my journey on Instagram: @wordsfrom1985 

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