Love Error

Love Error, by Liz Carranza

Love Error

And that’s where I went wrong in love.
I tried to find love in every single soul I crossed paths with when I should have searched for love within myself.

First Generation, by Liz Carranza

First Generation

It hurts me to know my parents are embarrassed by their level of education compared to mine.
They came to this country with nothing. All they ever desired was for their future children to succeed and have the best education possible.
It breaks my hurt to know my education has drifted me away from my padres queridos.
It breaks my hurt to know my goals and dreams have created this insecurity.
I’ll always feel guilty about this.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Liz Carranza
Liz Carranza

Writer living in San Francisco. My writing pieces are about my personal struggles with depression and anxiety, as well as people who brought out impactful emotions or experiences in my life. If I’m not writing I’m hanging out with friends or petting random dogs I encounter. My goal with writing is to be true to myself, share my stories, and to let people know you’re never alone.

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