Refraction of Light

Refraction of Light

Refraction of Light by Dana Cappelloni

Refraction of Light

I once saw a feather leave an imprint on snow.
A refraction of light whispering a story of how life came to be.
A curious passerby insisting on remembering.
All of life has a story.
A reason for being.
I quietly listen.
Hoping nature will enumerate my own.
Until then, I’ll skip rocks along a river bank.
I’ll write poetry.
I’ll pray at night to the one I love.
I’ll push out emails and shuffle papers on Monday afternoons while I look longingly out the window, wondering how earth got it all right.

<strong>Dana Cappelloni</strong>
Dana Cappelloni

Dana is a San Francisco Bay Area Native. Her writing is influenced by her appreciation for the natural world and her interest in all living systems.

Dana works in the environmental sector. In her free time she can be found hiking, wine tasting or scrawling in her notebook.

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