Uninvited Predator

Uninvited Predator by Darlene Ealy

I never invited you. You’re here
Against my will.
My mothers, lack of self-esteem and
Gumption that led her to a severed Blackheart.
I’m not the predator you “deemed” me to be.
You’re the bastard who discarded, reveled in
Beating me.
“Feeling tough” knowing I wasn’t big enough
To rebuff your “gough”
Thinking setting up a six-year-old boy for
Self-degradation makes you a man
It is unfathomable..
I “was” much too “small” to be defensible
Against your intentional, physical, and painful
I had no one to help me, not even the
One who birthed me. My only protection
Was me, myself and I but all I could do
Was cry.
You’ve damaged me beyond repair my inner
Souls, a “blurry”.
A predator I am not. I’m sure it excites you, I’m a mess.
But I am the burden you wear!

Voyage to the Center of Me by Darlene Ealy

Piloting your submersible in
An undersea exploration of me
On an archaeological discovery
Of my soul.
To touch it, feel it, hold it in your hands
Gently, skillfully, angling around thine
Heart careful not to puncture valves.
Viewing through the periscope,
Adjusting the lens you can see deep
Cavernous scars.
Slowly drifting to my subsurface nearing
My core. Heat sensors flare turning on my
Population system.
Feeling you excavating my engine room
And the slight hum of your motor run.
Conscious of the scars I transport it thrills
Me you’ve taken this voyage digging through
The silt lying at the bottom of my ocean.
Roused by your passion to further explore
Who I am and decree though your outside
Is pleasing to me what lyes beneath is
How long did it take you to get to the
Center of me?

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/48ae9-darlene.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Darlene Ealy
Darlene Ealy

Firstly, I would like to state I didn’t actually start writing or discover I had this talent until I wrote a couple and let others read them and was told they were great at the age of 29, just after the birth of my first child.

A bit later than most have done. But it’s been an almost 29 year journey, discovering myself through my writing.

I don’t feel writing is a hobby. I’m quite serious about my writing. Though it doesn’t come easy for me.
At times, I suffer with Short Term Memory Loss therefore it can take up to 3 days for me to finish one poem, depending on depth and length. That being said, I receive disability, and no longer am working.

I have three goals that I am reaching for and they are:
Creating a Chapbook, getting my Poetry Published,  and I have a Novel I’m working on.

I am from the beautiful state of Massachusetts. I love history, especially Ancient History, old buildings, houses and I’m in love with castles. And I am a volunteer Archaeological Field Agent for the City of Boston, Massachusetts.

I quit high school in the tenth grade. But in September 1990, I attended the Charlestown, Massachusetts high school diploma program. Not a GED. After completing the program the following May 1991, we received a Diploma in a cap and gown- the whole shebang!

I would like to take this moment in thanking Eve Poetry Magazine for your consideration of this opportunity.

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