Self-Destruction by Haadiya Aungraheeta

I fell in love with a prick; an asshole; a degenerate drunk.
I thought I was in love.
But no; this ain’t love.
Love isn’t toxic. Love does not make your heart bleed.
This is obsession; a fancy addiction.
You have become a drug; a substance that I am aware is hazardous but I keep drowning in it hoping someday it will get better.
I have destroyed myself by thinking of what could never be; always confusing love with hopeless infatuation.
You have ruined me. Completely.
It wasn’t love.
Love drives you crazy, but love doesn’t make you insane.
Love keeps you up all night either smiling at your phone or breaking the bed.
But love doesn’t make you an insomniac begging the brain to shut down.
I am obsessed with a prick; an asshole; a degenerate drunk.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Haadiya Aungraheeta
Haadiya Aungraheeta

I am Haadiya Aungraheeta; a 19-year-old young adult living in Mauritius. I just finished school and I’m on my way to pursue my goals. 

I discovered my love for words at an early age and since then I have never put my pen down. Writing has become my escapism; my therapy and most importantly a good friend I’m never letting go. I consider the art of writing as a part of my life; myself and my journey. Everywhere I go, I carry a journal; scribbling everything that goes through my mind.

I have always cherished each second of my life and I wish to never stop doing that because tomorrow is never promised.

I travel through the pages of books and as days go by; I see myself marching towards a pleasing future.

Social media account: @haads.writes

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