Next Time

Next Time by Hammad Riaz

Next time
I’ll not let you ride
upon the back of my skin
I’ll lock out your love
If you try to go in

In winter when solitude is profound
and my heart will yearn for love
I’ll treat myself to a hot cup of tea
and won’t think about you at all

If memories knock on the door
while wind whistles lullaby of separation
I’ll wrap myself in a cozy blanket
and sleep

If emotion storm inside my heart
and waves call to the port
I’ll burn down all the ships we sailed
and fence each shore

If moon lingers around the window
to remind me of nights we spent together
I’ll pull down the curtain and whisper
“I’m fine without her”

It’ll be tough, it’ll be hard
I’ll be quiet, I’ll be rude
but no matter what happens to me
next time I won’t crawl back to you

Next time there will be no emotion
from my feelings I’ll grow a few Flowers
the thorn of each will be a story to write
and petal of each will be a piece of art.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Hammad Riaz
Hammad Riaz

My name is Hammad Riaz. I am 22 years old. I belong to the city of Haripur, Pakistan. I am a student of law.

Poetry to me is more than just a hobby, It’s a coping mechanism for all the mental turmoil. I do graphic designing and read books for killing time. I’m working on writing a book and made a rough compilation of my different poems and titled it as “Kaleidoscopic life” but right now I am not completely satisfied with it. 

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