Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer by Marlo Fairley

I opened my book to you
And with discerning eyes
You read between my lines –
Upward strokes and flourishes
Meant to hide my wildling Soul
No match for your perusal.
My secrets, you deciphered
Until with practiced hand,
You dipped your quill to ink
And deftly marked my pages –
Words of calligraphic beauty
And deepest resonance, transcribed.
I’d thought my book complete,
Before your narrative began –
My artful ghost-writer
Sharing the strangest of tales
And helping me write a new story.

<strong>Marlo Fairley</strong>
Marlo Fairley

Marlo is a writer and artist from Brisbane, Australia. She is a self-professed cat lady, pagan, queer introvert with a love of B-grade cinema, tattoos and kitsch decor.

Marlo writes from the heart, drawing from personal experience and a fantastical imagination. 

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