Embody by Thought Ferment

Sometimes I just want to tear open my body and,
separate my essence, from the earth-bound skin.

Unleash all the voices from my goddamn mind.
Embody them in hope for a speck of solace I’ll find.

Harvest their flesh, stitch me a new self to live by.
No more insecurities to curtain, no need to hide.

I’ll have a better esteem to decide,
probably better brains to recognize.

Change how I’ve been, with him and her, and him and her;
escape- the consequences and my ‘old life’ for a blur.

Take the road not taken, bag another lease on time;
their history, much privileged, not as broken as mine.

And for once I’d truly know
what it means,
when I say, “I’m fine”.

Thought Ferment

I never knew I could “write” write until I was 16, when my friend suggested I compile my random quotes and poems I spewed in chats, once in a while. Thanks to her recommendation and enthusiasm I managed to put together 2 notebook full of thoughts in place by the end of that summer.

I seem to struggle to claim myself to be a writer, since I in my eyes haven’t earned that place yet. However, the one and only thing I’m certain about, is that I can’t extricate writing from my being.
It’s a mode of existing. No exaggerations.

And precisely, what I pen down is also more or less about my existential crisis and my experiences, almost like a form of catharsis. Since, I struggled to find people who understood me. Therefore, I hope that the universality of my works would help people relate and find normalcy and a place they could belong. Hence, the primary focus of quite a bit of my poems is human relationships.

I’m somebody who’ll talk if you’ll listen, click if you’ll model, and write if you’ll read. I absolutely love painting my bedroom walls and can’t cook, even if my life depended on it. 
Currently leading a student life, I aspire to become a psychologist and a professional writer someday, who has a zoo for a home.

Lastly, if I could tell you only one thing then it’d be that, don’t listen to anybody, but your heart.

IG: @thought_ferment

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