Having it All

Having it All by Stephanie Langley

I had the job
I bought the house
I had the looks
I’d found the one
I followed the rules
I reached my goals
I was successful
I had it all
But, something was missing
You were sorry
I was tired and continuously worried
What if it did all fall apart, was I scared?
It would be difficult to swallow
But I felt prepared
I wasn’t alone
I would be alright
I’ve got family and good friends
I don’t need these things of mine
I’d put pressure on us
A forced happiness
A false sense of perfect
To have it all but be less of yourself
If I had nothing, would I look back?
I did break down
No one left
Now I’ll place value only in myself.

<strong>Stephanie Langley</strong>
Stephanie Langley

I started writing poetry to help me cope in a difficult time: chronic illness combined with heartbreak. Rhyming just came so naturally to me and really helped me flesh out my thoughts and feelings. Now it’s a hobby I’m taking seriously.

I enjoy being creative and I’m using this lock-down time to explore ways to bring my poems to life using video, photography, drawing and painting. 

I’m originally from London, UK but I recently moved my life to the beautiful English countryside which has been so good for me creatively and for my health. 

Thank you for the feature, I’m so excited to see where this journey leads me. 

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