To Choose You

To Choose You by Imena Wallflower

When I was young, I swore that love would never make a martyr out of me.
Love, when it came for me,
would feel like rest for my weary bones.
It would feel like
the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

But I am a product of too many sacrifices to count.
It is in my blood–
My mother doesn’t call it sacrifice, she calls it love.
I would be selfish not to agree.

So here we are,
and we both know
that loving you is harder than living in this skin.
But still I choose,
and I choose,
and I choose

I Learn, and Learn, and Learn

The first time I made coconut bread, it burned.
The second time I ate one slice for the sake of a decent follow through. It sat in the freezer for a week because I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye
The third time, I carefully pulled it from the oven and unwrapped it from its foil, with the taste of disappointment already on my tongue.
Still, I cut into it. Bit into the warm slice with a nonsensical determination,
then spit it back into my palm.
I hate coconut bread.
I hate everything I make.
But some lessons you learn, and learn, and learn,
with the same old recipe in your hand.

Imena Wallflower

Imena Wallflower is an undergraduate special education student from Florida. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and playing the ukulele.

After she graduates, she hopes to teach and learn abroad. Imena is currently working towards completing her first poetry chapbook.

On her Instagram, @imenawpoetry, she posts poems about everything from unrequited love to double consciousness. 

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