Chatterbox by Keon Wong

Endless, corner-less scripture, their cracks
bending to an exorcism of 6 plains / planes
crashing into their doomed gravity,
like a child running into a mother’s arms;

few stand above the clouds but dolls
that spill like waterfalls
in a drought, drip by drip bittersweet.
The blocks of clouds are pillars of some Olympus

they told us about. Dangling snake, the shock
that puts us to sleep like soporific ivy, white.
The windows that peer from the basement,
an intrepid flame from hell

that grips passerby into its own ordeal;
saint, women, paper planes, they all sink
to the insatiable fullness of a future too big
to swallow. So they left it alone.

Endless, corner-less scripture, the canvas holding
my memories like Rorschach’s treasure crates
as I leapt in fear to heaven and crashed
into the foot of an abandoned attic.

Keon Wong

Hello, my name is Keon and I am a student from Hong Kong. I am currently studying A-level English literature, Photography, Law and Geography. They have been great sources of inspiration in seeing the world in a different angle and recording my ideas in poetry.

Poetry has gradually become my best outlet for my emotions during the uncertainty my hometown is enduring. It has also sharpened my skills in expression and thinking out of the box.

My other interests include photography, where I formulate my ideas in another experimental medium. I find it very therapeutic to observe and slowly record the changing world. I am also a huge fan of films and classic novels. I highly recommend them for growing your inner creativity as well as your world view.

Please visit my Instagram @mrfootlettucewrites for more of my upcoming work! I would love to hang out with you all!

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