Vinyl by John Phrey Claro

You spun my world around

like a vinyl full of scratches

the pain keeps repeating whenever

the stylus of your lies hit me

I am fragile, and you are the player

Dew Drop by John Phrey Claro

My one last tear

is a morning dew

that withers at the edge of a leaf


Silhouette by John Phrey Claro

you are a deceptive shadow

because you are trying to block the light

I am a silhouette

because the light got my back

selfishness sucks

you know that

I am a silhouette but no longer

on your camouflage

Sociopath by John Phrey Claro

I am a sociopath

a beautiful thriller

I murdered love

and buried my feelings

and created a graveyard

I didn’t mourn

instead I wore a party dress

and danced at twilight

<strong>John Phrey Claro</strong>
John Phrey Claro

I am John Phrey Claro, 19 years old, born on April 26, 2001. I am a first-year student taking up a bachelor’s degree in Financial Management.

My home country is the Philippines. I am obsessed with novels and poetry. I began penning my own Filipino fiction and poetry at the age of seventeen.

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