Storms and Magic

An excerpt from Storms and Magic by Enitan Victoria Ige

I think you will remember today
the way you so strongly disagree that we will end,

and I’m wishing I will be there to say it,
past the electricity we created
when our lips merged
and our eyes closed.
I told you.
you would leave
I told you we never know tomorrow, and that love is tragedy we simply can’t avoid.
I think you would also remember the magic we made so many evenings when the world around us shook her head in disapproval.
I wish I’ll be there to point it all out the way I want to right now.
you will find the People always tend to be right.
we could go about our loving in public not giving a f*ck what they think, but they would witness our crash.

Love is a tragedy we simply can’t avoid.
and I’ll be at the shawarma joint,
then you’ll walk by with the new love of your life;
fingers woven into each others’
and I would want to tell you-
holding your face with both my hands like I used to-

I told you. Didn’t I?
you would leave.
It’s a tragedy we can’t avoid.

<strong>Enitan Victoria Ige</strong>
Enitan Victoria Ige

Enitan Ige is a poet, feminist and mental health advocate living in Nigeria. She’s the author of the poetry collection, Storms and Magic, that revolves its theme around love, heartbreak, feminism, self-discovery and self love. 
A lover of a good mug of choco-malt, you may often find her scrolling through Instagram or reading a new book.
IG: @eniitani
Twitter: @eniitani 

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