Another Day

Another Day by J. B. Cahill

He had ripped the plastic lid
Off too quickly
It singed the left side of his index finger
The steam belted out of the container
The vegetables lay there like scattered limbs
Frothing in the heat as if to yell
Help! Help us!

His finger stung and throbbed
He clenched his eyelids
He ran cold water over the burn
For a moment, the rush of relief flooded him

He looked out the window
At the morning dark
It would be light again soon
He turned off the tap
And the searing pain returned

His phone started to beep
With the sounds of emails arriving
Each beep sounding like a polite bullet
He clenched his eyelids one more time
And shoved the vegetables into his mouth
Another day

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>J. B. Cahill
J. B. Cahill

I’m a gay writer in Queensland. I live in Brisbane. I push work with words for a living but creative writing has always been a side hustle, primarily memoir and short stories. I excel at Facebook updates. I have recently rediscovered my lost love for writing poetry. I haven’t written prose since my 20s (which is more than a little while ago). My favourite poets are Mary Oliver, Tony Hoagland and Kenneth Slessor. 

Instagram : @johnbwords 

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