Summer 2020

Summer 2020 (Covid 19 Edition) by Kamakshi Verma

The flowers under the sun

sublimed into scent

across the green expanse

as spring welcomed summer.

The clouds too receded,

for the sun to make its mark

across the vastness above

as it transitioned into ether.

In greetings, I let the sunshine

settle onto my skin

for I too yearn to evaporate,

to rise, to disappear.

To elope, to when

I roamed around

to satiate my wanderlust,

to summer escapes & travels-

to the normal yesteryear.

For here we are now,

at an unknown home.

Helplessly entangled

in pandemic & panic,

here in the world

that’s upside down.

Where the sun shines

to mock, to lure,

to make us repent.

To remind us of

the times taken for granted,

the precious blessings

we carelessly spent.

So this summer

I travel to gratitude & hope,

I revisit my memories,

I am humbled,

& I pray for humanity’s

peaceful adobe.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Kamakshi Verma
Kamakshi Verma

 Kamakshi Verma is from New Delhi, India. She is a student of Bachelor’s of Education. Apart from being an educator in making, she is a theatre enthusiast and performer, a linguaphile who is currently learning Spanish, a social worker who has been volunteering for different NGOs in India and a newly published writer.

Through her writings, she covers  a spectrum of topics – Self love and acceptance, Nature and Travel, Romance, and Tragedy, Feminism, Mental Health, etc.

She draws her inspiration from literary legends like Sylvia Path, Margaret Atwood, Shirley Toulson, Robert Frost, John Keats.

As for her future plans, she is hopeful for working on and later publishing her debut book of poetry.

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