Broken Wings

Broken Wings by Sinead McGuigan

At the break of day
skies fill with orange hues
Green trees stand tall and still
cradling birds with broken wings
chirping in their protective hold

As the sun rises with burning light
creating a gallery of wonder in our eyes
We breathe in our solemn truth
wispy clouds stop to adorn

The fragility of life imprisoned by
conscious thought
Gazing at the aurora
naked eyes of the soul
we breathe in our new existence
lifting the veil on humanity’s strife

Look beyond the horizon
in endless wonder
Birds soar
flying as angels
to a new beginning
a new life
filled with love
and compassion
under a crimson sky

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Sinead McGuigan
Sinead McGuigan

Sinead is an Irish poet living in Co Meath and has been published in several anthologies. Sinead, a University College Dublin graduate, returned to writing poetry in the last two years.

Writing is her greatest passion. Sinead plans to release her solo book in the near future.

Her Instagram account name is @sineadmcgpoetry.

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