My Lover’s Eyes

My Lover’s Eyes by Jyothsna Manchikalapudi

I miss you in a lot of places, even on days when it’s hard to imagine happiness.
On these days, I think of the nights we built our own space of fullness.
Drunk in the night, you stuttered to find the right words,
But I don’t need words, I can see it in your eyes.
Your sad, soulful and earnest eyes.
Say, why do you always look at me like you have dreams to share and skies to fly?

<strong>Jyothsna Manchikalapudi</strong>
Jyothsna Manchikalapudi

I am Jyothsna, an Indian dentist who loves love, words and people. I’m drawn to everything in the universe that is small but has a profound effect in our lives.

My poetry is for anyone that loves poems and a little more of it, hence the name: @poemsandalittlemore 

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