Racism by Ali Ashhar

All are born equal,
Yet some are deluded to be manipulated by hate,
Not spurred by difference in ethnicity,
Nevertheless, by deviation in ethics,
Ethics that made him perceive ghastly,
This racism pervading, deep below, doesn’t know any impunity.

This malevolence not only compromise of colour,
Someday it’s for religion,
Someday it’s linguistical,
Someday it’s for ethnicity,
Someday it’s for minorities.

Vexation traversing around needs to be eradicated,
Our humane aura ought to be elevated,
Human devoid of being humane is merely an animal,
Who needs to remember Almighty’s favour upon,
To perceive no difference stancing colour, ethnicity, or religion,
To didacticize how beautiful every creation of the creator is,
Who created them the same way he created you.

<strong>Ali Ashhar</strong>
Ali Ashhar

A 21-year-old from India currently pursuing a Masters in English Literature.As an introvert, writing gave my emotions the voice which was lying dormant since long.

I started writing at 18, primarily some motivational poems after finding myself encompassed by adversities.I pen my emotions on motivation, social issues, nature, love and family. Besides, I am also a nature lover and football aficionado.

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