250 Beekman Street

250 Beekman Street by Molly Felth

If I bottled the scent
of your chest hair
I would name it Play Hard.
Bullhorns blare –
a little girl counts
to infinity, scarcely aware –
still, there’s nothing in you
I can’t leverage
or exchange.
Wall Street occupied
me. I say to her here: you are
the worldliest person
you know. Never invest
on impulse. Your feelings
aren’t liquid.
Hoist yourself up
onto auction blocks
fully rebranded
and yield

<strong>Molly Felth</strong>
Molly Felth

Molly Felth is a Connecticut poet and holds a degree in Creative Writing from UMass Amherst. She has been published in H_NGM_N Journal and posts her writing daily on Instagram.

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