Poetries on my Body

Poetries on my Body by Pragya Gogoi

My lover says
The bones breathing under my epidermis
Are made less of collagen and more of metaphors.
And how he finds the flesh cemented to my frame
Dyed with paint bottles of villanelles and sonnets,
Haikus and elegies,
Acrostics and epigrams.

I grow alliterations on my collarbones,
Plucking them to bedeck baked ballads
Cascading out of subtle fingers bleeding bright blue.

My lover says my tongue tastes of ballads,
Savouring elixirs of love and heartbreak
And honey dipped falsities
Keeping the chaos within me awake.

I ensconce sonnets under broken finger nails,
Wreathing tales of pulverized conceits,
Into 14 cherry blossoms,
Proferring them to my lover,
Wrapped in brown skin.

Blue yonder turns grey,
Clouds bawling in raindrops wet
Haikus on my braids.

My lover says my lips are studded with enjambments,
I query him what happens to hearts in love,
Do they scribble incessant poetry
Delineating frozen moments of intimacy?
Or paint them in pallid canvas
Blending hues of their own souls with theirs?
Do they smell of sugar and honey
And all things ambrosial?
Presumably they just embroider their dreams together
Enlacing apparels of a Happily ever after

Or do they eventually fall apart?

<strong>Pragya Gogoi</strong>
Pragya Gogoi

I am Pragya Gogoi, a 20-year-old engineering graduate and a published author and co-author. I hail from Assam, India and presently pursing my Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai.

I love reading and writing and have been passionate about both since my primary school. I am also a musician holding a degree in music (vocals) and play violin. I am a published co author of 7 poetry books and recently published my debut book called Whispers of a Nyctophile.

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