Drops of Faith

Drops of Faith by Diana Menezes

Your eyes help me see what I cannot,
Your hands pacify my fading spirit.
Holding my broken heart,
I walk in your shadow
to carry me to brighter days,
where numbing pain exists no more,
and your light within me stays.
You lift me higher than mountains,
showering me with jewels of hope,
My heart holds on to pearly dreams,
with you, I am stronger to cope.
You draw my forgotten smiles again,
and I’m drowning in glittering wishes so innate.
Clouds of joy are mine to hold,
Thank you for being with me, Faith.

<strong>Diana Menezes</strong>
Diana Menezes

I’m a wife and a doting mother to my son who’s almost 5 now. I have a deep passion for writing and reading, and I love penning inspirational poetry/prose on hope, life, survival, love, and everything in between. 🙂

My dream is to get a collection of my poetry published one day and sprinkle my readers with a bit of my stardust. 🙂

I’d like to end by saying… Never Give Up! Dreams do come true if you really wish them from your heart.

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