Porcelain Doll

Porcelain Doll by Serena Morrigan

These lips have lost their colour
These eyes have lost their shine
I know where it all went wrong
But I was too frozen to move
Change hurt more than trauma
So I left it all as it was for you
Putting on lipstick every day
Wiping the tears off my cheeks
You’d never know how I truly felt
I’ve turned into a porcelain doll
I exist, yes, but am I alive?

<strong>Serena Morrigan</strong>
Serena Morrigan

Serena started writing poetry in high school as a means to deal with bullying. She only recently started writing again after a traumatic experience. By openly talking about mental health issues, she hopes to end the stigma and help people feel less alone with their struggles.

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