Web by Anupama Kadwad

Caught in the web
entangled wholly
crawling my way
cautiously treading on the loopholes
full of dark pits, finding a way through the maze
skeleton of the leaf
carcass of the bones
remains of my existence
Tied down with expectations
Many a time lured by the glittery surroundings
succumbed to the false promises
vanished into thin air
tossed around by some
blown by the breeze
embraced by the earth
back to the place
I started from

<strong>Anupama Kadwad</strong>
Anupama Kadwad

My name is Anupama Kadwad and I’m from India. I am a Statistics graduate working in the Telecommunication field.

Writing helps me relieve my stress. Through poems I can communicate my innermost feelings with the outside world. I believe poems give wings to thoughts and help express our views.

In my leisure time I like to travel, listen to music and write. My poem book ‘My World’ was published in January 2016.

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  1. Fabulous poetry… as always, which I read with curious intent on all the platforms on which she publishes…Thanks Evepoetry… look forward to more from this ingenious poet

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