Hinted Misery

Hinted Misery by Carlota Guzmán

His eyes locked mine
in an instant we knew
not one soul would love us
the only ones that could, were us.

Ending before starting
dreaming before sleeping.
Momentarily in love with you
inside my mind you are, my love.

Sentimental reasons lock our
eyes, turning love into lust
rolling our bodies
you smile at me; you knew.

<strong>Carlota Guzmán</strong>
Carlota Guzmán

I am 21 years old, I study Communication in Mexico City. My poems have been published in Train River Publishing, ERR Magazine, Espacio Ulises, Autor Libro Nº 13.

In 2019, I collaborated on an entertainment website called Cultura Colectiva writing articles. 

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