The Traveler’s Quest

The Traveler’s Quest by Poetry by R

I went north
to look for happiness
then south
to find success
but soon after had to head east
for money
and for love
my compass pointed west.

It seems I’ll run in circles just to be met with another need,
a brand new quest.

But I’ve only got myself to blame
I know
if I’d chosen to stay put
I would’ve lived a life of boredom
so instead I chose unrest.

Oma by Poetry by R

I have had a bitter-sweet relationship with myself and my identity of being a woman.

oh so humble

she remains kind

despite the

apple crumble

inside her mind

to cover up the tart truth

a mess so sweet

stuck to

her mouth

her teeth

her gums

deep inside is a

mind of

apple crumble

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Poetry by R

I write poetry because I believe we can say more in fewer words (or because I’m a Gen Zer with a short attention span). Currently, a Kiwi living the University life dream (*laughs in sarcasm*) while remaining hopeful that I can build up the courage to publish a paperback something in the future. 2021 has given me two things 1. an opportunity to say goodbye to 2020 FOREVER and 2. push myself creatively. I do hope you, dear reader will support me with that second one 🙂

sending you a smile and virtual hug.
remember to be happy or die trying.