photo of an ocean shoreline to illustrate the poem entitled, Stronger


Stronger by Shadrach Davis

The land was green and crowned with grains
Ocean tides rolled droplets of gold on the shores
Birds roamed the heavens whispering melodies
That resonated in our hearts;

Then came sudden a spirit from the unknown
Whipped the beauty off the face of the place
We all called home
Our faces were inked with scars
That kept us quite in disguise
Loved? Oh yes, we were but left alone

With bided eyes, we searched into the blues
In white were written, no clues
Came the wind, we got lost
Like squirrels, stalked in winter without nuts
Through flames of hell, we walked
To reach the gates of fountains

We tied knots to gather scraps
Our bones were clothed with blankets of courage
We looked at the horizons differently
Colors seemed more vibrant and sparkling
Again our cups of tea were filled with milk

<strong>Shadrach Davis</strong>
Shadrach Davis

I’m Shadrach Davis, a Liberian born in Sinoe County. I’m a student at William V.S. Tubman University studying Public Health

I have a great interest in arts (music and poetry)
I believe in giving everyone equal opportunities to excel and be great. My writings promote African culture and heritage 


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