Death is a Friend

Death is a Friend by Aylin Roland

If I am to know death
as a friend and not a foe,
I’ll take her hand and whisper,
“I’ll never let you go.”
We could walk through the garden,
down the street or take a bus.
We could do anything we like,
just the two of us.
We could talk for hours
about life and love.
How every day is unlike another,
how we are never good enough.
If I am to know death,
she could tell me her secret
and I’ll keep my lips closed tight
with every intention to keep it.
In time we’ll grow closer
just as good friends do.
Death and I together.
It’s like I always knew.

<strong>Aylin Roland</strong>
Aylin Roland

My name is Aylin Roland. I’m 34 and based in southern Indiana. I am a poetry lover and have been writing poetry since I was about 12. I love to write poetry of extremely different themes, such as love and romance to death and the supernatural. 

I would say my greatest inspirations come from the people I know and love.  I consider Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and John Keats as my favorite poets. I hope to someday publish my work in a collection. When I’m not writing you can find usually find me watching a horror film, conquering a puzzle, or enjoying some good wine. Or maybe all three at once! 


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photo of an ocean shoreline to illustrate the poem entitled, Stronger


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