About Eve

I created an Instagram account in June of 2018. Selecting the username eve_poetry, I began my new Insta dedicated to writing. The pressure valve of my soul was about to blow, and Instagram became the required creative outlet maintenance that I needed. The name “Eve Poetry” would effectively hide my identity, so that I could keep my writing a shameful little secret, too embarrassed to admit my heart’s desire (like so many other writers and creatives – you know this is true!). 

Poetry enabled me to fully convey a message or feeling and still fit it on small square posting permitted on the Instagram platform. It was a natural starting point for me.  I began to play around with ideas and visual aesthetic and felt myself grow as a poet over the course of 5 months. In December, after making some incredible friends online, I became less afraid to reveal my identity, and slowly began to reveal the real ‘me’. People stopped calling me “Eve”, and began addressing my real name, Deanna. Though still now, there are poet friends of mine who call me “Eve” for fun, or out of habit. 

Writing poetry has been a gift. It dusted of my writing chops and started the marination of creativity that I desperately wanted/needed. It helped me arrive at the ultimate conclusion of the life and career I want. It became a guide for me to accept that it is 100% OKAY to be a poet and writer. This was not something of shame or a misuse of my time. I have “Eve Poetry” to thank for this. 

Pen names are a beautiful thing. They are cocoons, allowing for the metamorphosis of a writer or poet. The writer can reveal who they are, though some may never do this. I know many talented poets whose identities are still a  secret to me. I enjoy and support their work. Not all paths lead to the same place. 

Currently, I am proudly fine-tuning my first novel. I attended my first writers conference, The Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, where I made some friends with talented people, and connected with industry professionals. I am actively pursuing my dream of becoming a published author.