She was Manifesting.

She was Manifesting.

Poetry by Shantae Gray

She walked right passed him.
He who was a King.
It hadn’t been intentional.
And as he straightened his crown; flexing his pectorals.
Hoping that the sun’s rays would hit his kingly.
That this woman would see him.
That she would fall to his feet.
For he needed her to be his Queen.
She might have been if he had come months sooner.
For in her a sea of intensity had raged.
A hurricane of hunger surged through her.
Its lightning and thunder awakened her.
She could only see the very being she was striving to be.
She was manifesting.
Dimensions she hadn’t seen.
Dreams she hadn’t dreamt.
She was inspired.
She was ready to defy.
She was ready to fly.
She was manifesting.
Her being had been rebooted.
Schooled by knowledge that had been so empowering.
She was manifesting.
She didn’t dress like a queen.
Her hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail; sweat running down her face.
In her denim jeans were patches of dirt.
That represented the business she was building.
The degree she was completing
The integrity she held on to.
The book she was writing.
She was manifesting.
There, etched into her black skin were jewels of her hard work.
All the things her sweat, blood and tears had achieved.
She was manifesting.
The king went in search of her.
Resting his crown.
Putting on his boots.
Running towards her
Trying to catch traces of the beauty that lingered in the wind; gracing time and changing lives.
She was manifesting
<strong>Shantae Gray</strong>
Shantae Gray

My name is Shantae Gray. A proud Jamaican and a graduate of The Caribbean Maritime University. I enjoy long hours at the beach, reading and singing.

I can’t say that writing is just a hobby. For me, it is far more than that. It has become a way of life.  A God given talent that I appreciate each day.

It’s funny how my emotions and feelings are tied to my writing. If I can feel it, I can write it. I love that about my craft. It is my feelings and emotions on paper.

I am working on my first book of poetry and aspire to be a renowned self-published author.
You can follow me on Instagram @taestruth

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Ethel Beauregard is Not Dead

Ethel Beauregard is not dead

By Jayla Martin

Ethel Beauregard is not dead.
Ethel Beauregard is alive.
She died, not with a choked gasp, scream
Not metal or a screech
Ethel Beauregard died of paper cuts on her fingers and face
She died, not of heartbreak, but of a heart made whole too many times.

She did not die with her whole life ahead of her,
For she was old, and knew better than to dream,
Nor with her whole life before her eyes
But thinking only of one place…

Somewhere in the world there is a procession of weepers, dressed in black, and circling an open grave.
I am not there.
I am in a library.
A forgotten corner
Full of yellowing books of poetry and light from a single window,
a wooden chair, and a single desk
And perhaps I knew her better than anyone else:

For she did not die full of courage, strength or humility,
But full of brass keys to unopened locks to unopened rooms that lay old and forgotten,
She died full of yellowed letters, tragedy unread
She did not live of cloud and light
But of wood and dust she is buried
As she always was.

She did not die of old age
It was not old age that killed her

Don’t look for her in a hole, or at a grave of stone.
She is not there.
Ethel Beauregard is buried here
In the forgotten corner of a library
Among yellowing books of poetry
In the light from the window
Among spines of poems that mourn and weep the emotions never read
The forgotten poetry of the unnamed thousand
Covered in dust

Ethel Beauregard is not dead
For she lives in the corners of a library
Where forgotten things go to rest.
<strong>Jayla</strong> <strong>Martin</strong>
Jayla Martin

I am a devoted poet and aspiring journalist in Greensboro, North Carolina who writes to perceive and interpret the world around me.

As someone with an innate affinity for words, I always want to get better at my writing and pursue it throughout my life.

When I’m not busy studying or helping with my local poetry club, I’m spending time in my own head daydreaming or I’m trying to rope friends into an impromptu card game.

Instagram: @wethetragedy

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Poetry by Tolulope Ibiyode

Life by Tolulope Ibiyode

Life is a big stage, full of happenings

Somewhere, a child is born
yet in another, a life is lost
While someone is making a fortune,
another person is losing it all
Someone somewhere is leaping for joy
while someone is wallowing in tears
Someone has way too much to eat
while someone somewhere is starving to death

Is it then fair to say that life isn't fair?

While someone is living in sound health,
another is accustomed to pain
One baby is born into riches,
yet another into misery
Someone is living in a peaceful land
Yet another's land is a war zone

It seems like life has different sides,
Different folks are seeing different views
That's why it's important to be kind,
you never know what a person is going through
Certain things are just beyond explanation
Sometimes, life feels like a mystery.


I'm grateful for the air that I breathe
I'm thankful for the soil on which I stand
Blessed are the foods that I eat
I'm immensely grateful for my health
Thankful for the lessons I was privileged 
to learn from my past
I'm full of gratitude seeing the beauty of this present moment 
I'm thankful for my five senses (and the sixth) 
I'm grateful for the manifested and 
the yet to manifest blessings 
I'm thankful for the blessings hidden in challenges
I'm thankful for life in its fullness. 
Tolulope Ibiyode
Tolulope Ibiyode

My name is Tolulope, usually called Tolu (easier to pronounce lol). I like to call myself “Gods1son”.
I was born in Nigeria and did most of my education there before moving to Canada where I currently live. I work as a Web Developer, I enjoy my work. I was an Agriculture student for almost 6 years before crossing to the I.T field. I love it.

Ever since I found a passion in writing, it’s been one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy computer programming. I play squash to unwind.

I enjoy writing about life, in general, which includes but not limited to social issues, love, technology, myself, God. I will love to publish books someday (I hope soon). But it would be something I’ll be doing by the side.
You can follow his work on IG & twitter: @gods1son_

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