The Taste of Rainbow

The Taste of Rainbow

By Hadeel Rashed

You sit by the window sill,
quietly imagining what the rainbow tastes like.
Desperately in need for an answer.
Knowing it may differ from person to person.
I've tasted the rainbow and I'll tell you what it tastes like.

The red tastes sweet like strawberries but looks like blood.
The orange looks like an orange but tastes like a punch of pungent.
The yellow tastes sour like the sun.
Green has as astringent taste, looks like a lot of fun!
The blue is salty just like the calm sea
Purple tastes like flowers and smells just like me!
And the pink, has a flavour of soft marshmallows,
like pastel balloons floating in the sky.

About the Poet

<strong>Hadeel Rashed</strong>
Hadeel Rashed

My name is Hadeel Rashed and I am 16 years old and live in Canada.  I’m in grade 11 and my hobbies include writing poems, reading and cooking. 

I get inspired by the things that happen around me and mainly that’s what I write about. My greatest encouragement has been from my family and friends.

One of my poems will be published in an anthology by The Poetry Institute of Canada in February 2020 called The Winds of Change.  As an emerging writer, I am grateful for all the attention and time taken to read my work and hope that people enjoy reading my poems.

Instagram: @h16poems4U

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The #1 Writing Tool

Poetry by Emma Biggerstaff

Poetry by Emma Biggerstaff

Meditations on the Book of Matthew

Poetry by Emma Biggerstaff

I have dreamt and forgotten,
dismissed the unkempt corners of an otherworldly room.

I have taken what the elders say into consideration,
shaken myself free of intuition.

I have lingered in the company of some familiarity,
worn my mother’s ring or clung to nickels.

I have proudly sung of my contentedness
with contentiously long bones flung forward into disillusion.

I have thrown myself out, tasteless
and uprooted what was good and flavorful in favor of a menu.

I have recently refilled the oil in my lamp but kept it covered
to avoid indecency and accusations by the joyless as they empty bowls.

To My Thieves

Poetry by Emma Biggerstaff

Puppets, universal
you are teachers
motive matters but does not decide
what the pupil learns and
some matriculate while
I myself pass notes mistaking
all for good
<strong>Emma Biggerstaff</strong>
Emma Biggerstaff

Upon graduating from a university in 2016 with degrees in Linguistics and Fine Art, I moved from the Southeast to the Northwest United States (more specifically, North Carolina to Oregon). I take photos and write and travel and am primarily interested in connection. 

Though I have previously operated in the medium of visual art, the past year has been one for words. With a focus on art as a means of diplomacy. I seek to promote curiosity, understanding, thoughtfulness, wisdom, empathy, and peace. 

My focus is on creating environments and building relationships where deep connection and unity of spirit can coexist among opinionated, passionate, and open-minded individuals.

Website –
Instagram – emmaleighbiggs
VSCO – emmaleighbiggs

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