A poem by Ryan Flett

At night
the moon
pulls at something
in your blood
like it does
the tides,
an embrace
by the heavens
that sense
the stardust
in your veins.
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Ryan Flett
Ryan Flett

My name is Ryan and I live in Colton, Oregon. I work as a registered nurse, but I also have a degree in English from Portland State University. I’ve always loved writing, but this year I finally decided to make a go of it.

My writing mostly focuses on our connection with nature. Some of my favorite poets include Mary Oliver and Charles Wright. I’m hoping to self-publish my first collection of poems in the near future. 

When I’m not reading or writing my heart out, I’m frequently playing with my two dogs, enjoying a cup of coffee, working on computer programming projects, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or hanging out down at the local record store. 

I frequently post original poems on Twitter. You can follow me @ryanwritespoems 

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Daisy, Poetry by Gabriel Sanchez-Jorgensen

The absurdity of your petal
Was a curse on grey November.
As the toothed grin of summer
Who drove her spear into fall-red leaves,
I admire your courage
To stand just so,
Before the snow.
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Gabriel Sanchez-Jorgensen
Gabriel Sanchez-Jorgensen

I moved to California from Costa Rica in 2013. Currently, I study history at UCLA. After I graduate, I’m going to move back to Costa Rica to develop my writing. I enjoy sitting on my patio while reading Jorge Luis Borges and Charles Simic all day long. Follow Gabriel’s poetry on Instagram: @monday_ghost.

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ABCs by Elizabeth James

ABCs by Elizabeth James

Always aware albeit agonizing angst.
Believing bitter banter behest blanks.
Cultivating consciousness cures communication.
Diligence discovers delightful demonstrations.
Everyone expecting evolves engagements,
Frequent forgiveness fuels fulfillment.
Give gentle gifts graciously,
Hang huge halos heavenly.
Intentionally invest in inquiring,
Judgement juxtapose justice joyfully.
Keep kissing know kindness,
Look lively love luxurious.
Memorize many more maturations,
Notwithstanding new novelizations.
Optimize only optimal orations,
Praising priceless poetry proliferations.
Quickly question quiet quintessentials,
Resisting raunchy romantic reportorials.
Savor sacred sensuous souls,
Treasure triumphs that take toll.
Understand unique undercurrents
Vehemently validate virements.
Willingly wonderfully witfully write,
X-ray xenogenous xanthippes.
Yield youthful yesteryear
Zealously zoom.

About the Author

Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James is a poet and novelist, residing in the United States of America.
After years of dealing with inexplicable challenges and social issues, she was diagnosed as an adult, with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Elizabeth’s goal is to be an advocate, to bring awareness to the creativity and unique abilities of those with ASD. Her book, “Words of a Wild Butterfly- Poetry of an Autistic Mind,” will be out in the Fall of 2019.

Social Media: Facebook

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Medals Lie In Shame

Poetry by Perry Kay

Fire-red hostility whizzing through a burning hot blaze
soldiers dodging in muddy trenches 
Blood-soaked earth holding the weight of fallen heroes 
The stench of death mingling with acrid smoke that fill his failing lungs

The sun is a murderer
beating a blazing dragon’s poison on rugged uniforms
The moon is a robber 
hunting tired prey that pause to blink
Death is an escaped prisoner 
googly eyeballs rolling for prey on a sinking earth

He holds
his weapon
one plastic arm
with thread
dipped in blood
of fellow comrades
across a
flooded ground
as the stars
and time runs by
a whizzing bullet

Now a crippled bundle of bones fastened to a wheelchair
The only remnant of a forgotten bravery is a missing limb
PTSD is a spider lurking in the corners with the cobwebs
in a dingy attic he calls home

Living off the ‘Thank you for your service’s scarcely thrown his way
as lonely eyes peek through a shuttered window in a dusty room
where faded copper medals lay in abandoned shame

His heart is a leaden hammer
breaking a fragile memory
into shredded leaves
But his strength is made of eternal concrete 

About the Poet

Perry Kay

Perry Kay lives in New York but her heart is in LA. She love to write poems and short stories and wishes to one day publish a novel. You can follow her on Instagram @perrykay39

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